Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) has become one of Ireland’s leading waste management noise consultants, and work regularly with the biggest names in Irish waste management. As a waste operator, you require an EPA waste licence, or a local authority waste facility permit. You also have noise obligations under Safety Health & Welfare legislation.

Larger waste management facilities are subject to EPA licensing. Applicants intending to apply for a licence are required to provide details of noise emissions and proposals for their mitigation where necessary. The application is also required to include details of existing noise levels in the local area, and an assessment of impacts on receptors. Damian Brosnan Acoustics has extensive experience in this area. We will manage the noise (and vibration) part of your application from start to finish, providing all the necessary information sought by the EPA.

If you already have a waste licence, your facility is probably subject to noise monitoring requirements set out in the conditions and schedules attached to the licence. Damian Brosnan Acoustics routinely carries out this monitoring for a large number of waste management facilities across the country. We are entirely familiar with the EPA’s NG4 noise guidance document, having made several submissions to the Agency during its preparation. We have an excellent working relationship with the EPA, and our reports carry weight.

Waste facility permits issued by local authorities typically include noise conditions. Many of these are now as onerous as those specified in EPA licences. We undertake routine monitoring at a number of facilities subject to waste facility permits. As before, Damian Brosnan Acoustics has an excellent working relationship with local authorities across the country, having been retained by several of them to assist on noise issues. We can also prepare the noise content of your waste facility permit application.

As a waste operator, your facility probably includes a number of noise sources. As an employer, you have noise obligations under Safety Health & Welfare legislation. You are required to maintain an up to date risk assessment file, with information on noise risks to personnel. Key to management of such risks is occupational noise monitoring. This is where Damian Brosnan Acoustics can help you. We will identify areas where monitoring should be undertaken, design an appropriate monitoring programme, carry it out, and use the data to identify noise risks. We can then suggest a noise reduction programme, and recommend suitable hearing protection.