The fundamentals of vibration are similar to those of noise. Both noise and vibration are typically assessed together in the same chapter of an EIS.

As a consultant with DixonBrosnan, Damian Brosnan became one of the leading Irish experts in environmental impact assessment for the quarry industry. Through this experience, he became familiar with vibration, its measurement and its potential impacts. Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) continues to apply this knowledge.

Quarry blast vibration and air overpressure are typically measured during each blast by the blasting company. The company usually provides a printout, and leaves it at that. If you intend to apply for planning permission, or if you are required to submit an Annual Environmental Report, you will need to have the vibration data reviewed and assessed. Damian Brosnan Acoustics will undertake this for you. Furthermore, if you need additional vibration monitoring, or if you have vibration issues which need investigation, we can assist you.

Ground borne vibration is relevant to other operators too, for instance those using heavy machinery, and those undertaking pile driving. The construction phase of a project may generate ground borne vibration, and the owners of nearby premises may be worried about cosmetic and structural damage. Damian Brosnan Acoustics will design and implement a vibration monitoring programme for the construction phase of your project. Instrumentation can be set up to send out text alerts when specified vibration thresholds are exceeded.