Noise Nuisance

The Environmental Protection Agency Act (Noise) Regulations 1994 provide a procedure whereby a complainant may take action through the district court in relation to noise nuisance. In theory, a complainant can take the case directly to the court without need for a solicitor. In practice, most complainants chose to retain a solicitor to manage their case. Again, in theory, the case can be taken to the court without need for a noise consultant. In practice, few judges are willing to decide on a case without listening to evidence presented by a professional noise consultant. This is where Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) comes in.

Our role is to assess the noise nuisance by reference to relevant standards and guidance. This involves measuring the noise using calibrated instruments, analysis of measured data to determine if the complaint is justified, and preparation of the report to be used by the solicitor in court. Damian Brosnan is an experienced professional witness, having presented evidence in district and circuit courts many times since 1996.

If you are suffering noise nuisance, give us a call. We can usually determine quite quickly if a nuisance noise source warrants further action.