Local Authorities

Prior to working in consultancy, Damian Brosnan was an Environmental Officer with Cork County Council. This role included several responsibilities:

  • Managing all of Cork County Council noise issues, including investigation of nuisance, compliance surveys, and supporting legal cases taken through planning and noise nuisance legislation.
  • Assessing Environmental Impact Statements submitted with planning applications, and drawing up requests for further information where necessary.
  • Drafting environmental conditions for attachment to any planning permissions to be granted.

As a noise consultant, Damian Brosnan has used his local authority background to serve clients, many of which are local authorities. Services routinely provided to local authorities across the country include:

  • Investigating noise nuisance complaints where local authority personnel are not in a position to do so e.g. during night-time hours, or where the authority does not have suitable equipment.
  • Similarly, undertaking compliance noise surveys where local personnel are not in a position to do so.
  • Assisting local authority Planning Departments and Environmental Department in managing noise issues. For instance, advising departments on noise conditions to be included in planning permission for developments which are unusual, or controversial, or located in potentially problematic areas. Or assessing noise reports submitted to local authorities, advising on the adequacy of same, and offering recommendations on how to move forward.
  • Undertaking occupational noise assessment at local authority facilities.

Noise measurement techniques are moving forward all the time. Standards and guidance documents are being continuously updated. Local authority personnel cannot be experts at everything. It is the business of Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) to be experts in noise. In recent years, local authorities have become accustomed to outsourcing certain parts of their operations, usually parts which require technical input and/or specialist equipment. Noise files landing on local authority desks require both. If you are a local authority officer grappling with a difficult noise issue, give us a call.