Noise Impact Assessment

Depending on project scale, many development proposals are subject to environmental impact assessment. The assessment is documented in an environmental impact statement (EIS) which is then submitted with the planning application (and with any licence application). The EIS provides a comprehensive description of the study site, the proposed development, relevant environmental criteria, potential impacts on the local environment, and how these impacts will be eliminated or reduced. Each EIS includes a chapter on noise and vibration impacts.

In cases where an EIS is not specifically required by legislation, the local authority has the discretion to formally request an EIS. For smaller developments, the local authority may request an environmental report rather than a full EIS. An environmental report represents a more focussed EIS, typically providing a description of the proposed development and an assessment of impacts in certain key areas such as noise, water, dust, etc.

As a former Environmental Officer with Cork County Council, Damian Brosnan was tasked with reviewing all EIS documents submitted to the local authority. As a consultant with DixonBrosnan, he was directly responsible for the preparation of over 30 EISs, relating to industrial, agricultural and quarrying developments. Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) brings this experience to bear on noise impact assessment. Having prepared the noise and vibration chapter for over 60 EISs, Damian Brosnan is uniquely qualified to prepare the noise and vibration chapter of your EIS or environmental report. Damian Brosnan Acoustics guarantees fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and clear and concise reports.

If you require a noise impact impact assessment for an EIS or environmental report, contact us. If you have not been required to submit an EIS or an environmental report with your application, but the local authority has asked you to carry out a noise impact assessment, we will know exactly what is required.