Damian Brosnan Acoustics Noise Consultants

Damian Brosnan Acoustics (dBA) is run by Damian Brosnan who has specialised in noise since 1996. We are an independent noise consultancy based in Cork, but serving Ireland. We carry out environmental noise monitoring, occupational noise surveys and noise impact assessments for the public and private sector. We offer noise solutions.

We are aware that clients require fast turnaround, a high quality service, and value for money. We are also aware that clients do not want a junior technician managing their contracts just to save a few euro. Damian Brosnan Acoustics guarantees a professional and personal acoustic service. Most of our clients are repeat customers.

Damian Brosnan Acoustics prepares concise succinct reports, without any unnecessary fill, but which contain ALL relevant data. We use current generation Bruel & Kjaer sound level meters calibrated regularly. All surveys and assessments are undertaken in strict accordance with standards and codes of practice appropriate to each project. Standards applied routinely include ISO 1996, ISO 9612, ISO 9613, BS 4142, BS 5228, BS 8233, NG4 and ETSU-R-97.